Managing authentications

Use the authentications tree to define credentials for Active Directory groups that will have console access. These credentials only need to let Management Suite enumerate the directory. You'll need to provide credentials for each Active Directory containing users you want to have console access. The authentications you provide determine which user groups you can select from to assign console group permissions.

Console authentication is based on Windows local or Active Directory group membership. When a LANDesk administrator assigns group permissions to a local or Active Directory group, users who are members of that group can log into the Windows or Web consoles and share the permissions assigned to that group.

You should be aware of the following issues when managing Active Directories for use with Management Suite:

If the account password for an authentication changes, you will have to log into the console and change the password in the authentication dialog to the new password. You can do this by logging in as a local group. Users are authenticated when they log in, so any existing session will continue to work. Users in the domain that has had the password changed won't be allowed to log in until the password change has been corrected in the Users tool.

To add an authentication
  1. In the Users tool, right-click Authentications and click New authentication.
  2. In the Authentication details dialog, enter credentials that give access to the Active Directory.
  3. Click OK.

Setting rights with Active Directory

The following rules apply to when using Active Directory with RBA: