Discovering Intel AMT devices

Management Suite includes the option to discover devices that are configured with Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) revision 1.0. Devices can be discovered as Intel AMT devices only after you have accessed the Intel AMT Configuration Screen on the device and changed the manufacturer's default password to a secure password. (Refer to the manufacturer's documentation for information on accessing the Intel AMT Configuration Screen). If you haven't done this, the devices will be discovered but not identified as Intel AMT devices, and you won't be able to view the same inventory summary information as you otherwise would.

Intel AMT discovery can take longer due to a double check of the secure and unsecure ports.

NOTE: Devices with Intel vPro revisions 2.x and 3.0 can be discovered using this process, but Intel vPro 2.x/3.0 features allow you to discover devices automatically (without the use of Management Suite device discovery). When Intel vPro 2.x/3.0 devices are correctly set up for automatic discovery, they are discovered after they are powered on. They are then added to the list of discovered devices in the Management Suite console. You can add these devices to your list of managed devices. See Configuring Intel vPro devices for details about automatic discovery.

To discover Intel AMT 1.0 devices
  1. Click Tools > Configuration > Unmanaged Device Discovery.
  2. In the Unmanaged Device Discovery window, click the Scan network button.
  3. Click New and type a name for the discovery configuration.
  4. Click the More button.
  5. Select the Discover Intel vPro AMT devices check box.
  6. Enter a starting and ending IP range for the scan, and enter a subnet mask.
  7. Click the Add button to add the scan you just configured to the task list.
  8. Select the scan and click the Scan now button to scan immediately, or click the Schedule task button to run the scans later or on a recurring schedule.
  9. Watch the Scan Status dialog box for scan status updates. When the scan finishes, click Close in the Scan Status and Scanner Configuration dialog boxes.

Intel AMT-configured devices are displayed in a folder labeled Intel vPro. From this folder you can deploy management agents to these devices. When you do this, the devices are provisioned with Intel vPro settings, and will be managed with Intel vPro feature options.

NOTE: If your core is using a proxy server, the proxy server must support Digest Access Authentication to be able to discover Intel AMT devices.

To provision a device in order to manage it, the password for the device must match the password you entered in the Intel vPro General Configuration dialog box, which allows Management Suite to authenticate to the device. When you save the default Intel vPro password, it is stored in the core database so Management Suite can authenticate to Intel AMT devices.

If you have Intel AMT devices with a different password, you will need to make sure the password for each device matches the password you have set before you can manage them.

To configure the Intel vPro password
  1. Click Configure > Intel vPro options > General configuration.
  2. Type a strong password, and then confirm the password. This must match the password as configured in the Intel AMT Configuration Screen (which is accessed in the computer BIOS settings) in order to manage Intel AMT devices.
  3. Click OK. This change will be made when the client configuration is run.

For more information about managing Intel AMT and Intel vPro devices, see Managing Intel vPro devices.