Scheduling tasks

The Scheduled tasks tool is common to Agent configuration, Patch Manager, Software distribution, Provisioning, Scripts, and Device discovery. The tasks are filtered in the lower pane of the specific feature pages to show only related tasks. For example, if you open the Device discovery tool, discovery tasks are displayed in the Discovery tasks tab in the lower pane. All tasks are still visible through the Scheduled tasks tool. Here you can schedule configurations to run immediately, at some point in the future, on a recurring schedule, or run just once.

The left pane of the Scheduled tasks page shows these task groups:

When you click My tasks, Common tasks, or All tasks, the right pane shows this information:

When you double-click a scheduled task, the right pane shows this summary information:

Before you can schedule tasks for a device, it must have the appropriate agent and be in the inventory database. Server configurations are an exception. They can target a device that doesn't have the standard management agent. Tasks can be rescheduled (edited or deleted from the Tasks tabs). Once you schedule a task, see the Tasks tab for task status.

You can edit a task by selecting the task you want to edit and clicking Edit. The task opens with editing options applicable to the task.

Custom task groups

You can create custom groups for the task types My tasks and Common tasks. With custom groups, you can group related tasks such as scanning for vulnerabilities and running a script. Groups and subgroups can be 20 layers deep.

To create a custom task group

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Distribution | Scheduled tasks.
  2. In the left pane, click the task type in which you want to create the group.
  3. Click New group on the toolbar.
  4. Type a name in the Group name text box, and click OK

After you have created a custom group, you can move tasks or other groups into the group by selecting them from a list and clicking Move on the toolbar.

About the Target devices page

Use this page to add device targets for the task you're configuring. To add devices to the target list, see Targeting devices .You can also see the targeted devices, queries, and device groups for the task on this tab.

NOTE: If you are running the Web console in Management Suite, device groups are not targeted as groups. Instead, if you select a group and target it, the individual devices in the group are added to the targeted devices list and will be displayed under Targeted devices rather than under Targeted groups.

About the Schedule task page

The scheduler contains a Scheduled task properties tab that includes these options.

About the Delivery method page

The delivery method defines how a package will be sent to devices.

About the Distribution package page

The main package is selected by default, and is required. You can run a package prior to and/or after the main package.

About the Credentials page

About the Image information page

Use this page to specify the type of image you want to restore with this script, where the image is stored, and where the imaging tool is located:

About the Additional commands page

About the LANDesk Agent page

About the DOS commands page

About the Custom scripts page

Moving tasks

Use the Move dialog to move a task from one Task group to another, thus making the task visible to users who can view the task group you are moving the task to.

  1. In the Scheduled tasks tab, select a task under My tasks, All tasks, Common tasks, or User tasks.
  2. Click Move.
  3. Select the task group you want to move the task to, then click OK.