Step 4: Running the query

After creating your query, you can run, save, or clear it to start over.

To save the query for future use, click the Save toolbar button. The query now appears in the list on the Custom queries page. If your query is a modified version of another, click the Save as toolbar button to give it a new name.

By default, saved queries are only visible by the person who saved them. If you check Public query before saving, the saved query will be visible to all users. Only administrators with the public query management right can make a query public.

If you have multiple product family products installed, queries are shared between products. If you save a query in one product's console, it will also be visible in other product consoles.

To view the results of this query, click the Run toolbar button.

To clear the query parameters from the Edit query page, click the Clear toolbar button. If the query has already been saved, it's cleared from this page but remains in the Custom queries list.