Choose image store location and imaging tool

Use the Choose image store location and imaging tool dialog box to point to where the imaging tool is located and where you want the image to be stored. This dialog box is available as part of the Capture image and Deploy image actions.

To define the image location and tool
  1. Click Tools > Distribution > OS deployment.
  2. Under Provisioning templates, click Public or My templates.
  3. Double-click a template.
  4. Click Action list.
  5. Click the OS installationsection.
  6. Click the Add button.
  7. In the Action type list, select Capture image or Deploy image. Type a name for the action and click OK.
  8. Click Launch wizard.
  9. In the Select the image type list, select the type of image you want to capture or deploy.
  10. Specify the location in which you want to save the image file.
  11. Specify the location of the imaging application.
  12. Click OK.

NOTE: Images are often saved in a location other than the core server. If this is the case, the Capture image or Deploy image actions should be preceded by the Map drive action in which you specify the authentication credentials of the location.