Creating boot media

Use the LANDesk Boot Media Creator dialog box to create boot media that can be used to provision devices. Provisioning creates a physical media by which to boot the device into a preboot environment. This media can be delivered through a PXE server or a bootable USB device/CD/DVD. A preboot environment consists of an operating system complete with video, networking, a mini-inventory scanner, and an agent capable of receiving files and executing commands. In order for the boot media to work, you must configure the target device to boot from the proper media (in the BIOS, enable network IPXE or CD/DVD boot).

  1. Click Tools > Distribution > OS Deployment.
  2. On the toolbar, click the Create provisioning boot media button.
  3. Select the Preboot environment type (Windows or Linux).
  4. Select the Boot media type (USB drive, bootable CD, or bootable ISO). If you selected USB Drive, insert the USB drive and select the drive letter. If you selected Bootable CD, select the CD burning drive. If you selected Bootable ISO, select the destination path the ISO will be saved to.
  5. Click Create boot media.

The creation of boot media may fail if the system is low on memory.

NOTE: When creating a USB boot media, you must have administrator rights. In the case of Microsoft Vista, you have to download the program and run the program as administrator.

NOTE: To create CD or ISO media, the device where you run the boot media creation tool must have IMAP2, which is available from Microsoft at