Changing the password for Intel vPro devices

A secure password is required to communicate with and to provision new Intel vPro devices. For devices that you will manage, the password you enter in the Intel AMT Configuration Screen (accessed in the device BIOS) should be the same as the password that you enter in the Intel vPro General Configuration dialog. That password is saved in the database and applied globally for provisioning Intel vPro devices.

Intel vPro requires the use of a strong password to enable secure communications. Passwords should meet these requirements:

After provisioning devices, you should regularly change passwords as part of your IT maintenance. You can use a different password for each Intel vPro device, or you can apply a new password to multiple devices. The new passwords you enter are stored in the database and used by Management Suite to communicate securely with managed Intel vPro devices.

To change the password for an Intel vPro device
  1. In the All devices list, right-click a managed Intel vPro device and select Intel vPro Change Password.
  2. Type the new password, then confirm the password.
  3. Click OK.
To change the password for all Intel vPro devices
  1. On the core server, click Configure > Intel vPro options > General configuration.
  2. Under Setup and Configuration, type a strong password and confirm the password.
  3. To apply the password to all managed Intel vPro devices, select the Synchronize this password check box.
  4. Click OK.