Deploying alert rulesets

To install an alert ruleset on one or more devices, you can schedule a deployment task for the ruleset.

In order to deploy a ruleset to a managed device, you must first have a management agent installed on that device. When you deploy the standard management agent, the default ruleset is installed on the device by default, but you can select this or any other available rulesets to be installed on the device with the management agent. After the agent setup is complete you can update the default ruleset or deploy new rulesets by scheduling an alerting task.

To deploy an alert ruleset
  1. Click Tools > Configuration > Alerting.
  2. In the Alert rulesets list, click the ruleset you want to deploy.
  3. On the toolbar, click the Create a task icon and select Distribute rulesets.
  4. Type a task name for the alerting task.
  5. To add the ruleset to devices and keep any existing rulesets on those devices, click Add selected rulesets.

    To add the ruleset to devices and remove any existing rulesets on those devices, click Replace any existing rulesets.

    If you have previously deployed the ruleset and want to update it on the same devices, select the Resend to devices with the selected rulesets check box.
  6. To deploy other rulesets in the same task, click the Add button and select the rulesets.
  7. Click OK.

    A new task is created in the Scheduled tasks tool.

  8. Drag devices from the network view to the new alert task.
  9. Right-click the task and select Properties. Make sure you have the correct target devices, then select options to schedule it, and then click Save.
To remove all existing rulesets

You can remove all existing rulesets from targeted devices without deploying any new rulesets.

  1. Click Tools > Configuration > Alerting.
  2. On the toolbar, click the Create a task icon and select Remove all rulesets.
  3. Click OK.

NOTE: You can deploy rulesets to devices as part of an agent configuration. When you define an agent configuration you can select the rulesets you want to deploy.

NOTE: If the ruleset you deploy includes a Performance monitoring rule, the details of what to monitor are defined on each individual device. This is done in the Real-time inventory and monitoring console on each device. You can select different hardware and software components and define counters for the items to be polled, then view the monitoring data in real time or historically. See Performance monitoring for detailed information.