On this page of the Windows® Internet Explorer® Customization Wizard 8, you can select which parts of Internet Explorer 8, setup, and sign-up that you want to customize. Your selections here determine which remaining wizard pages appear. For example, if you plan to customize only the user interface of Internet Explorer, you can clear the other check boxes, so that the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 8 displays only the Browser User Interface page. The items on this page are also limited by the version of Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8 (IEAK 8) that you installed and the operating system that you are using to build the custom package. For more information, see Customization Options for Specific Audiences.

Item Details

Select All

Click this option to indicate that you are customizing all available features.

Clear All

Click this option to indicate that you are not customizing any of the listed features.


To speed up your progress through the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 8, you can use the configuration of a previously built IEAK package as the baseline configuration for this package. To do this, return to the File Locations page and click Advanced Options to import an .ins file. As you create the new package, you can change any of the imported settings.

Additional references

  • For more information about this stage of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 8, see Stage 1: Gathering Information.