The IExpress Wizard (IExpress.exe) helps you to pass Setup command-line options from one application to another. When using IExpress with Windows® Internet Explorer® options, the Internet Explorer options are placed inside the IExpress expression as follows:

Ie8setup <IExpress options> /c:"ie8wzd <Internet Explorer options>"

IExpress command-line options

The following are frequently used IExpress options that control the extraction process during Setup. These options are not specific to Internet Explorer.

Parameters Action


Specifies quiet mode, or suppresses prompts, when files are being extracted. This switch does not suppress prompts when Setup is running.


Specifies user-quiet mode, which displays some dialog boxes to the user.


Specifies administrator-quiet mode, which does not display any dialog boxes to the user.

/C:<UNC location>

Specifies the path and name of the Setup .inf or .exe file.


Never restarts the computer after installation.


Always restarts the computer after installation.


Restarts the computer after installation without prompting the user.

/T:<directory path>

Specifies the destination folder for extracting files.

For more information about IExpress, see IExpress Technology and the IExpress Wizard.

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