If you register the uninstallation program for any custom components that you include in your Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 package, your users will be able to remove those components later by using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. The Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8 (IEAK 8) Toolkit contains a sample uninstallation file, Uncheck.inf, which is located in the <systemdrive>:\Program Files\Windows IEAK 8\toolkit\inf folder.

To register the uninstallation program for a custom program, during the component setup process, your application must add the entries listed below to the following registry key:


This registry key is also used by Internet Explorer Setup to verify that the component installed successfully.

Subkey Data type Value



Friendly name of the application.



Complete command line (including path) for uninstalling the application.

Do not use a batch file or a subprocess.

The value of ApplicationName must also match the value of Uninstall Key on the Custom Components page in the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 8.

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