On this page of the Windows® Internet Explorer® Customization Wizard 8, if you are creating a CD-ROM version of your custom package, you can create an autorun dialog box that displays after a user inserts the CD into the drive. As part of this, you can provide custom bitmaps. For instructions, see Create Branding and Custom Graphics.

Item Details

Title bar text

Type the text you want to appear in the title bar of the autorun screen.

Custom background bitmap location

Specify the location of a bitmap that will appear behind the text in the autorun screen. Be sure that there is sufficient contrast between the background color and the text color. The image should be a 256-color bitmap that is 540 x 357 pixels. To locate the path for a background bitmap, click Browse.

Standard text color

Select the color of text on the screen that is not part of a link.

Highlight text color

Select the color of the links on the screen.

Button style

Choose a style for the buttons that users will click to install Internet Explorer and to get more information.

  • Standard beveled buttons

  • These buttons are similar to the buttons that appear in Microsoft® software programs. They are gray, rectangular buttons.

  • 3D bitmap buttons

  • These buttons look three-dimensional.

  • Custom button bitmap (specify location)

  • You can provide a custom bitmap. To locate the path for the image, click Browse.

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