The Internet Connection Wizard sign-up method can be used by Internet service providers (ISPs) as part of a custom browser package created with Windows® Internet Explorer® Administration Kit (IEAK).


The Internet sign-up option is not available for the Windows Vista® operating system.

If you want to simulate the sign-up process before creating your own files, you can use the sample files from the IEAK Toolkit, in the <systemdrive>:\Program Files\Windows IEAK 8\toolkit\isp\Server\ICW folder. The sample files can give you a general idea of how the sign-up process works and the type of information that you need to provide.

To use sample files to simulate the sign-up process
  1. Create a directory named Signup in the wwwroot directory on your server.

  2. Copy the sample files from the IEAK ToolKit to the Signup directory.

  3. In the version sample files that you copied into the Signup directory, change all the references to point to your sign-up server.

  4. In the HTML code of the sign-up server pages, change all the references from Acme to your organization's name.

  5. Modify the last sign-up server page to reflect your .ins settings.

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