Internet service providers (ISPs) can use the Internet Connection Wizard sign-up method as part of a custom browser package created with Windows® Internet Explorer® Administration Kit (IEAK).


The Internet sign-up option is not available for the Windows Vista® operating system.

For Internet Connection Wizard sign-up, customize the initial page the user sees (Icwsign.htm), error pages, and the finish page.

The first page: Icwsign.htm

The first page the user sees after installing Internet Explorer and restarting the computer is the branded Icwsign.htm page. On the Icwsign.htm page, the user sees a welcome from the ISP and is asked to either: (a) click Next to begin the sign-up process if there is only one ISP file needed for sign-up, or (b) select the city and state dialed from, so that the Internet Connection Wizard can select the appropriate sign-up server ISP file to use.

When the user clicks Next, the wizard dials and connects the user to the ISP sign-up server. This page is included as part of your custom Internet Explorer package. It is not hosted on your sign-up server.

Error pages for Internet Connection Wizard sign-up

If any data submitted to the sign-up server is not valid, the server can display an HTML page with a helpful error message. For example, if the customer requests an e-mail name that is already in use, you can suggest alternatives and ask the customer to request a different e-mail address.

The error HTML page that is sent by the ISP's sign-up server is displayed in a floating frame within the wizard. The frame is 444 pixels wide by 273 pixels high. Scroll bars do not appear if the HTML page exceeds these dimensions.

The frame should contain text that lets the user know the data entered was not valid, and should provide the form elements required for the user to enter new data.

Finish page for Internet Connection Wizard sign-up

When the user clicks Next on the ISP finish page, the .ins file is processed and the computer is configured for the new Internet account. After this is done, the wizard displays its final page, which informs the user that the Internet connection is ready and tells the user how to begin browsing the Internet. There is no ISP-configurable interface on this page.

You can use the URL value in the .ins file to specify the page the browser displays when it first opens.

Using the .ins file to configure a referral user's computer

After the user finishes the sign-up process, your sign-up server must return information about how to configure the user's computer for Internet access. The .ins file, downloaded at the end of your sign-up process, contains this information.

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