On this page of the Windows® Internet Explorer® Customization Wizard 8, you can specify the URLs for one or more home pages and an online support page for your customized version of Internet Explorer 8. If you installed the Corporate version of Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8 (IEAK 8), after you deploy the custom package, you can update these settings using IEAK Profile Manager.

Item Details


The home page appears when the user clicks the Home button. In Internet Explorer 8, if you specify multiple home pages, each page is displayed on a separate tab in the browser. If you do not customize this option, Internet Explorer is configured to display http://www.msn.com/ as the home page.

Type the URL to your custom home page.


After you have typed a URL for a custom home page, click Add to add that page to the list in the text box.


In the text box, click the home page that you want to delete, and then click Remove.

Retain previous Home Page (Upgrade)

For users who already have an earlier version of Internet Explorer installed on their computer, select this check box to enable them to keep their home page settings when their browser is upgraded.

Online support page URL

In Internet Explorer, support information is available from Microsoft when users click Help and then click Online Support. However, you can provide your own support page for your organization and make it available to users. To specify the location of a custom support page, select this check box, and then type the URL for the page.

Additional references

  • For more information about this stage of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 8, see Customizing the Browser.