On this page of the Windows® Internet Explorer® Customization Wizard 8, you can specify which proxy servers your users connect to for services that are included in the custom Internet Explorer 8 package.

Using a proxy server can allow you to limit access to the Internet. You can also restrict the ability of your users to change the proxy settings using Additional Settings in the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 8.

Item Details

Enable proxy settings

Select this check box to use proxy servers for any of the listed services.

Address of proxy

Type the address of the proxy server for a service. You must specify an address for the services for which you want to use proxy servers. In most cases, a single proxy is used for all addresses. The proxy locations that do not begin with a protocol (such as http:// or ftp://) are assumed to be a CERN-type HTTP proxy. For example, the entry proxy would be treated the same as the entry http://proxy. For FTP gateways, the proxy should be listed with the protocol ftp:// in front of the proxy name. For example, you would enter an FTP gateway ftpproxy as ftp://ftpproxy.


Type the port number for each service. The default is 80.

Use the same proxy server for all addresses

Select this check box to use the same proxy server settings for all the listed services.

Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with

Enter specific addresses for which you do not want to use a proxy server. A proxy bypass entry can begin with a protocol type, such as http://, https://, ftp://, or gopher://. If a protocol type is used, the exception entry applies only to requests for that protocol. The protocol value is not case sensitive, and this field allows a wildcard character ( * ) to be used in the place of zero or more characters. Use a semicolon to separate entries. For this version of IEAK, this list is limited to 2064 characters.


The gopher:// protocol type is not available for Internet Explorer 8.

Do not use proxy server for local (intranet) addresses

Select this check box to bypass proxy servers for all addresses on your intranet.

Additional references

  • For more information about this stage of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 8, see Customizing the Browser.