Remote Control Integration


The SystemTools Remote Control Manager (STRCM) provides for a way to manage some remote control software products from within Hyena.  The STRCM supports installation, configuration, viewing, and uninstallation of remote control software, including VNC-based products.  


The STRCM stores different remote control configurations in .rcm files.  For each .rcm file, Hyena will add a new entry to the Remote Control menu on all computer context menus.  Selecting one of these sub-menus will activate the STRCM utility which will then carry out the options as configured in the .rcm file.  The individual  .rcm files can be viewed and modified from the Tools->Settings->Remote Control dialog.


Please note that the STRCM does NOT provide any direct remote control functionality itself, but rather facilitates the use of some remote control products.  The STRCM was specifically designed to work with VNC, which is a popular (and free) cross-platform remote control software product.  However, due to the flexible design of the STRCM, most remote control software products can be accessed through it.  The STRCM is FREE and can be used independently from Hyena.  Full source code is also available, under GNU licensing provisions.


Installation of the STRCM is an option during Hyena's installation.  The STRCM also is available as a separate standalone utility from  The STRCM files consist of the strcm.exe, strcm.htm (documentation), and a sample vnc.rcm configuration file.  If installed as part of Hyena's installation, these files will be found in Hyena's installation directory.


For complete documentation about the STRCM, review the strcm.htm file, or click on the STRCM documentation shortcut under Hyena's program group.


Hyena supports sharing of Remote Control configuration (.RCM) files.  To share these files with other Hyena users, enter a network path location under the ".RCM file configuration directory" under Hyena's Tools->Settings->Remote Control dialog.  Hyena must be restarted after changing this value.