Using Organizational Units


Note: For all references that follow, the term "OU" will be used for any Active Directory container or Organizational Unit.  


The Containers/OUs object, which by default is displayed just under a Windows 2000/2003 domain when it is expanded in Hyena's left tree window, will display all OUs for any Windows 2000/2003 domain.  Context menu options for OUs include creating a new OU, accessing OU properties (including Group Policy information), creating any new Active Directory object, using the Find... option, and viewing Active Directory security settings.


Using the OU Filtering Toolbar


When either the main Containers/OU object or any container object is selected, Hyena will display a special toolbar at the bottom of the screen, which can be used to control object retrieval within OUs.  The OU toolbar can be disabled under Tools->Settings->GUI options.  The settings on the OU toolbar only affects the display of information in Hyena's right window, unless the Advanced Registry Settings are being used.   The functionality of the OU Filtering Toolbar are as follows:


Traverse through all containers - The first toolbar button controls whether Hyena will display only the contents of the selected OU, or all objects in sub-OUs as well.  When clicked into the "down" position, Hyena will display everything in the selected OU, plus all sub-OU contents, based on the settings for the individual object buttons (explained below).


Computer/Group/User/Contact/OU/Foreign Security Principal/Group Policy Object/Share/Printer/Public Folders - These buttons control filtering of individual object types.  When clicked into the "down" position, the object type will be retrieved.  If left in the "up" position, the object type will not be displayed.  In the image above of the OU Toolbar, all of the object type buttons are in the down (selected) position.


Select All/Unselect All - These buttons will either select or unselect all of the object type buttons on the toolbar.


Refresh - Refreshes the display.


Creating New Objects - When new Active Directory objects are created, Hyena will always prompt for the destination OU, defaulting to the selected OU or the selected object's OU.   The "OU Selection" dialog will also allow for selection in how an object is created: either by the built-in Active Directory object creation 'wizard' or directly by Hyena.  If a wizard is used to create the object, Hyena can optionally display the object's properties dialog after the object is added, if the Display object properties dialog after Wizard completes option is checked.


Note: In order to use any of the Active Directory 'wizards' for creating objects, the Administrator MMC tools (AdminPak.MSI) must be installed on the computer that is using Hyena.  The AdminPak.MSI file can be found in the \I386 directory on the Windows 2000/2003 Server CD.  If you are using Windows XP, the equivalent of this file is available on the Windows 2000/2003 and Windows 2003 CD or on Microsoft’s web site.