Object Manager - General


The Object Manager is Hyena's central control mechanism for controlling the way that domains, computers, and other objects are managed in Hyena.  The Object Manager provides for flexible grouping of domains, computers, printers, directories, and urls into visual "folders".  This allows administrators to create a custom view of their organization's network, which in turn provides for a fast and efficient method of accessing these resources.  It also provides for an efficient way to access resources over a slow WAN link, from a non-trusted source, or through the internet.  


The Object Manager also controls the sub-objects, or "nodes" that Hyena displays beneath some objects when expanded in Hyena's left tree window.   Finally, the attributes that are displayed for Active Directory and WMI queries are also controlled through the Object Manager.  


Hyena Object Manager Configuration File Storage Information


Hyena stores all of the information in a series of simple text files.  This facilitates sharing of the files between multiple Hyena users, as well as roaming profile support.  Object Manager files can be shared between multiple users by specifying a path Tools->Settings->General->Path to Object Manager and other shared configuration files .  For more information on sharing these files and other sharing options, see the Settings and Configuration Information topic.  


The Object Manager can be accessed on Hyena's toolbar , or through the File->Manage Object View menu option.  The Object Manager's six (6) management dialogs consist of the Objects, Nodes, AD Queries, Performance, WMI Queries, and AD Custom dialogs.  The files used by Hyena for configuration storage are:


ad_objects.dat - This is the main Object Manager file, which is used to build the view in Hyena's left window; Managed on the Objects dialog.


ad_schema.dat - The schema file is used to store the directory names and default field titles used in building views.  The schema file is never modified by Object Manager and is overwritten on each Hyena installation, as support for new directory elements are added.


ad_nodes.dat - The nodes file contains the listing of the sub-objects that appear beneath any object when it is expanded in Hyena's left tree window; Managed on the Nodes dialog.


ad_columns.dat - The columns file contains customized Active Directory attribute field titles and column widths.  It is created automatically by Hyena and in general does not have to be shared.


ad_queries.dat - The queries file contains all of the Active Directory queries used to generate the Listing and Tabular views; Managed on the AD Queries dialog.


perf_counters.dat - This file contains customized performance counter information, such as divisor, suffix, and title; Managed on the Performance dialog.


perf_queries.dat - This file contains all of the performance queries and their counters; Managed on the Performance dialog.


wmi_queries.dat - Contains the WMI query definitions as defined on the WMI Queries dialog.


wmi_columns.dat - Contains the WMI class attribute names and their column widths for displays.  This file is built automatically by Hyena and in general does not have to be shared.


ad_custom.dat - Contains any customized Active Directory fields as defined on the AD Custom dialog.


The active versions of these files can be found in the C:\documents and settings\<username>\Application Data\SystemTools\Hyena directory.  The versions in Hyena's installation directory are the default versions of these files, which are copied into the user's profile directory automatically when Hyena is first used.


TIP - Make a periodic backup of these files to save Hyena's object configuration information.