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New Features in Hyena v6.5


Active Directory Attribute Management


One of the drawbacks to the conventional method used by Hyena and nearly all Microsoft applications when managing Active Directory objects, is the presentation of a dialog box to request user input.   Some of the disadvantages to the standard GUI dialog for managing Active Directory include:

Hyena's new Active Directory Attribute Management functions are designed to overcome these limitations and provide new capabilities for direct access and manipulation of AD objects.  By utilizing advanced techniques and optimized directory access functions, this new capability will greatly enhance AD management, especially where multiple attributes need to be modified on a large collection of directory objects.


For more information on this powerful new feature, see the Active Directory Attribute Management topic.


Viewing and Exporting Indirect Group Members

Both Hyena and Exporter Pro have been modified to support viewing and exporting indirect group members.  Indirect groups are groups that are included (nested) in another group.  For example, the Domain Admins group is typically part of the Administrators group.  Now, you can view, export, and manage any member or group that is included in another group without having to hunt and search for the included group.  To visually view the indirect members of a group in Hyena, right click on the group, and select View Group Members->View Direct and Indirect Members.  Hyena will show indirect members hierarchically indented under their parent group.

To export indirect group members, select the "Include Indirect (nested) Group Members" option by clicking the Set Options button on any Active Directory Group-object export template.




Multi-Object Deletion Confirmation


When multiple objects are selected and the Delete option is chosen, Hyena will display a Delete Confirmation dialog showing the objects selected for deletion.  To aid in the selection of items in Hyena's right window, we recommend enabling the "Highlight Entire Row" and "Show Gridlines" options under Hyena's Tools->Settings->GUI dialog.  Restart Hyena after enabling either of these options.


Active Directory (Windows 2003) Undelete Support


Microsoft has added (minimal) support for undeleting Active Directory objects in Windows 2003.  A technical article describing the mechanism to 'undelete' can be found in MSDN under the title "Restoring Deleted Objects".  Hyena implements the 'undelete' functionality exactly as documented by Microsoft in this article.


For more information on how to undelete AD objects and any limitations, see the Undeleting Directory Objects topic.


Using Multiple Filter Search Criteria


Hyena's right window filtering functions (available when the green filter toolbar button is clicked) has been modified to support multiple filter search criteria.  To specify that you want to search for multiple items, enter each item separated by a ';' character.  To indicate that the string is a multi-filter search, also put a leading ';' at the start of the string.  For example, to filter for only strings that contain "user" or "marketing", enter:




See the General Improvements and Bug Fixes sections below for other improvements and corrections.




New Features in Hyena v6.3 / v6.2


Improved Event Log Filtering Options


The Event filtering properties dialog has been modified for more functionality:

Support for Exchange 2003 Query Based Groups


Support has been added for Exchange 2003 Query Based Distribution Groups.  These groups will appear with a new icon, and can be seen under Universal Groups.  There is also a new option to create these types of groups as well.  Exchange 2003 must be installed to create query-based distribution groups.


SystemViews (tm)


Hyena's SystemViews is an innovative feature that allows for fast and easy recalling of previous views of the right list window.  This feature will be especially important to those users who need a method of easily going back to a previous display or that have a large number of objects (for example, domain user accounts) that take an extremely long time to retrieve and are needed for administration throughout the day.  These views can now be retained and restored with the click of the mouse or through a keyboard shortcut.


For more information on SystemViews, see the Managing Multiple Views topic.


Improved Shared Settings Support


Previous versions of Hyena supported sharing Hyena's configuration settings with other users.  However, this feature required that nearly all of the settings be shared, even if it was desired to only share particular pieces of a configuration.  Hyena v6.2 now supports sharing any portion of a configuration.  See the updated Sharing Configuration Information topic for more information.


More Filtering Options


The filtering option in Hyena's right window has been improved.  New options for filtering for blank values, exact matches, and 'not' equals searches have been added. See Filtering Data for more information.


Managing Non-Windows Devices


Hyena's Object Manager (File->Manage Object View) can now be used to add non-Windows devices (routers, hubs, Linux computers, etc.) to Hyena's views.  Hyena does not offer any functionality for these devices, but will populate and show the tools menu when these objects are right-clicked on.  The two different object types are the Router/Switch and the Network host/Device.  The only difference between the two different types are the icon used to show the object in Hyena's windows.


Exporter Pro Improvements


Exporter Pro v1.7, included in Hyena v6.3, now supports exporting of locally logged on user information, plus file and directory exporting options.  The new file/directory exporting options also allow exporting of NTFS security information.  For more information, see the SystemTools Exporter Pro help file (stexport.chm) in the Hyena installation directory, or use the shortcut for this file under Start->Programs->Hyena.


Exporter Pro can also now be used to export account and audit policy (under Other Exports) for both domains and individual workstations.  The storage of active templates (Active Directory, Registry, and WMI exports) has also been moved to the export configuration (.INI) file, allowing for easier management of multiple export configurations.


Other Changes


See the General Improvements and Bug Fixes sections below for other improvements and corrections.




Hyena v6.0


WMI Support


WMI support has been added to Hyena.  Hyena can display any WMI property from any WMI class and also provides access to common WMI methods.  Hyena also supports modification of most writable WMI instance information on one or multiple instances from one or more computers. To help in understanding WMI and how it is integrated into Hyena, see the WMI topic.  WMI exporting options have also been added to Exporter Pro.


Exporting Selected Active Directory Objects


Hyena now supports exporting information on selected Active Directory objects.  Previously, only domains, computers, and OUs could be selected for exporting.  For example:


Tool Grouping


Hyena now allows tools to be grouped into submenus.  Hyena will automatically transfer all existing custom tool settings to a file named TOOL_CMDS.DAT, which can be found in the same location as other Hyena configuration files.  This new tool command file provides a structure that permits the tools to be grouped and displayed on submenus.  To assign tools to groups, see the User-Defined Tools topic.


Microsoft Exchange Public Folders


Support has been added for displaying Microsoft Exchange Public Folders as well as access to the shell Properties dialog for these directory objects.


Access to Microsoft Hotfix Information


The Computer Properties->Hotfix dialog has been modified to support viewing the online Microsoft Hotfix Support database.  Either double-clicking on any 'Q' or 'KB' hotfix, or clicking the View Hotfix Information button will access the Microsoft Support web site.


Hyena v5.7


Originally introduced in Hyena v5.5, Exporter Pro has been enhanced with more options for easier administration and customization.  Exporter Pro v1.2, included with Hyena, also now supports exporting 'true' last logon information for both Windows NT and Active Directory domains.  Hyena also now has tighter integration with Exporter Pro, providing simple and easy selection of objects in Hyena to be immediately sent to Exporter Pro.  See the Exporting topic for more information on Hyena's new Exporter Pro integration.


Improved Active Directory Shell Integration - Hyena v5.7 can now display the standard Active Directory shell context menu functions for most objects in addition to the full shell property pages.  Need access to a 3rd party shell extension or Exchange Task functions?  Click here for more information.


Wake-On-Lantm (WOL) - New integration with industry-standard WOL-enabled computers has been added in Hyena v5.7.  What is WOL ?  Quite simply, it is a technology that allows a computer that is turned off to be remotely turned on.  See the Wake-On-Lan (WOL) topic for more information.


Improved Active Directory 'Find' Integration - Previous versions of Hyena could display the standard Active Directory 'Find' dialog, but were limited to what could be done with the results.  Hyena v5.7 supports selecting and returning the resulting objects back into Hyena.


Viewing Share Security - While previous versions of Hyena could display the share security for all shares through the View All Access Rights option or for a single share through the Share Properties dialog, Hyena v5.7 can now display share security information for any range of selected shares through a new View Share Security function.


Service Installation - Hyena can now install services on one or more computers using a simple wizard-based service installation process. For more information, see the Installing Services topic.


Hyena v5.5


Exporting Improvements


Hyena v5.5 now includes a separate and more powerful version of the exporting software, Exporter Pro.  All Hyena v5.5 licenses include free Exporter Pro licensing!  Exporter Pro provides for many improvements to the previous exporting options found in Hyena, including exporting of Active Directory information, registry, scheduled tasks, and more.  See the Exporting topic for more information.


Timeout (Ping) Protection Options


Hyena can now be optionally configured to initiate a ping to any computer before attempting a remote operation, preventing long delays in waiting for a timeout error to be returned.  For more information about this feature, see the Ping Options topic.


Support for adding Containers/OUs through Object Manager


Containers and Organizational Units (OUs) can now be added directly in Object Manager.  A browse button was also added to assist in creating the paths for Containers/OUs and Windows 2000/2003 domains.


Hyena v5.2


Active Directory Shell Properties


Hyena can now display the standard shell property pages for all Active Directory objects.  This provides for 100% full Microsoft functionality for Active Directory objects, while at the same time leveraging Hyena's ease-of-use and easy navigation through Active Directory.  Specifically, these changes allow Hyena to:

For some objects, such as users and computers, the Account Functions (users) or Directory Functions (computers) menus provide direct access to the Shell Property pages and the Security Property pages.  Other objects, such as foreign security principals, contacts, printers, and shares use the Shell Property pages by default when managing object properties.


The default property pages for user and group objects can be changed under Tools->Settings->Active Directory settings.   The user and group objects, Hyena can either continue to display its own customized set of property dialogs, or use the standard shell property pages.


Additionally, to force the display of the integrated shell property pages for a user or group object, hold the SHIFT key when using the Properties function (toolbar, or double-click). To force the display of Hyena's internal property pages for a user or group object, hold the ALT key when using the Properties function (toolbar, or double-click).


Active Directory Security


In addition to the standard Security dialog that can be accessed either through the Security tab on any Properties dialog or through the new Security Properties... option, there is also a new List Directory Security option to the context menus for all Active Directory (AD) objects.  This option will generate a display of the security settings for any selected AD objects.  To view the security for multiple objects, select them from the right window.


For other improvements in this release, see the General Improvements section; for bugs fixed in this release, see the Bug Fixes section.


Hyena v5.0


New Organization Unit (OU) Filtering toolbar


A new toolbar has been added that allows control over object retrieval options when viewing the contents of OUs or containers.  This new toolbar is displayed automatically in the lower left corner of Hyena's window when an Active Directory container is selected.  See Using the OU Filtering Toolbar for more information.


Registry Management


Registry management has been added to Hyena.  To access the registry, expand any computer in Hyena's left window; registry functions are at the bottom of the computer object list.  Supported functions include registry navigation, creating new keys/values, key and value deletion, searching, and modification of REG_DWORD and REG_SZ data types.  For more information, see Registry Management.


Listing Group Members for Multiple Groups


Hyena can now display the members of multiple Active Directory groups in the list window.  To do this, select any number of Active Directory groups (any type) in Hyena's list window, right click and select "View Group Members".  Hyena will add the applicable group name as an additional column to the resulting display.  This feature can be used to create a complete domain-wide group membership listing.


New XP-style toolbar and menus


Hyena now uses a new full color toolbar and XP-style menus.  Also, a large button toolbar is available under Tools->Settings->GUI.  Hyena must be restarted to change the toolbar button size.


Add to Group... function for Active Directory Users


A new function, Add To Group, has been added for Active Directory user displays on the Account Functions submenu.  This new function will allow any number of select users to be added to any Active Directory group.


Viewing multi-valued Active Directory elements in Tabular Views


Hyena can now display the values for multi-valued Active Directory attributes when used in a Tabular (right window) query.  For example, the MemberOf attribute for a user's group memberships and the proxyaddress attribute for Exchange are examples of these attributes.


Since there is only one 'cell' for each attribute for the output of a tabular query, Hyena will append the values for multi-valued attributes together and separate them with the '^' character.  Windows is limited to placing a maximum of 255 characters in any cell/field in a list window, so if Hyena detects that this limit has been reached, the characters "...!" will be placed at the end of the attribute data to indicate that more data was available, but could not be displayed.


General Improvements


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Corrections and Bug Fixes


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