Hyena’s macro capability provides for the ability to quickly generate a text file of repetitive commands. For example, the macro feature can be used to quickly create a batch file to carry out a sequence of commands.


The Macro functions can be accessed either through the Macro toolbar button or the Tools->Create Macro menu option. Only the information in Hyena’s list window can be used to generate a macro or script.


The only two elements needed to create a macro are the name of the output file to generate, and the macro command string. A separate line of text will be written to the output file for each selected entry in the list window. Hyena will not run or execute the resulting output file. Note that you can enter multiple lines in the macro command.


The macro command string can consist of any combination of characters and special symbols that Hyena can replace with actual data as each line is written to the output file. These symbols are the same symbols that can also be used in Hyena’s custom tool commands. See the User Defined Tools section for a list of all of the symbols that can be placed into custom command strings and macro commands.


To generate a list of commands, for example, to ping all of the selected computers in the list window, use the following macro command string:


Ping %C1%


The above command example, would substitute the information in column #1 for the %C1% symbol.


As another example, the following command can be used to copy a specified file to each of the selected computer's winnt\system32 directories:


Copy %P1% \\%C1%\c$\winnt\system32


Use the Save As and Recall options to save or recall the macro settings and command from a file.  When the Save As option is used, Hyena stores each macro in a separate .hym file.