Filtering Data


Find/Filter Feature


Items displayed in Hyena's list window can be searched and filtered based on a variety of criteria. Selecting the Find button on the toolbar, or the Edit->Find / Filter menu option will display Hyena's Find/Filter dialog, which has the following options:


Search String - Enter in the full or partial search string to search.  Hyena will save the last searches used.  A leading or trailing wildcard '*' can be used in the search string.


Column to Search - Select the specific column to search, or select All Columns


Filter out records that DO NOT match the search string - Select this option to filter out (remove) any entries from the screen that do not match the search string.


Filter out records that DO match the search string - If it is desirable to filter out (remove) entries from the search that match the search string, select this option.  Only items that do not match the search string will remain in the list window.


If either of the "filter out" options are selected, Hyena will remove the applicable entries from the display. Hyena will NOT delete the objects; they will only be removed from the display.


Match whole word only - Performs a full word match.


Match Case - Select this option to perform a case-sensitive search.


To refresh the list view window, and reapply the filter at the same time, use the Refresh Filter toolbar button.


List Window Filtering


To filter data directly in Hyena's list window, use the toolbar button, which displays a filter cell in each of Hyena's right window columns as shown:



Enter any combination of characters in one or more filter cells, then click on the small filter button in any filter cell to initiate the filter action.   Filtering Tips:

The default behavior of any filter text entered is to filter out items that do NOT contain any portion of the entered text.


Examples of filter searches and their results:


="" (same as "") - returns only blank entries

admin (same as *admin*) - returns only entries that contain the letters "admin"

admin* - returns only entries that begin with the letters "admin"

*admin - returns only entries the end with the letters "admin"

<>admin (same as <>*admin*) - returns only entries that do NOT contain the letters "admin"

=admin - returns only entries that only contain the exact letters "admin".  This is a CASE SENSITIVE search.

<>"" - returns only entries that are NOT blank (empty)

;user;marketing;helpdesk - returns any entries that contain the letters "user", "marketing", or "helpdesk"