File and Directory Administration


Hyena includes a complete selection of file and directory administration functions.  Most of these functions utilize, or are directly available from, the Windows Explorer shell menu that Hyena makes full use of.  This ensures full integration, protection, and compatibility with all versions of Windows NT and Windows 2000.


Explorer Shell Integration


Hyena will display the Windows Explorer shell menu when the context menu is displayed for any file or directory, including a share.


Viewing NTFS Security


The View NTFS Security feature in Hyena is available for all share, directory, and file objects.  When used for shares, the function will display the NTFS security on the shared file directories (not the shares themselves).  The purpose of the View NTFS Security function is to display all of the security access entries for the selected object(s), including ownership, user/groups, and access rights.


Depending upon the size and number of files, this function can take some time to complete.


When this option is selected, the View Object Security dialog is displayed, which has the following options:


View Options


Selected Object(s) Only - Select this option to only display security information for the object(s) selected.  For directories, this will only result in the directory entries themselves to be displayed.


Selected Object(s) and all Directory Contents (first level) - Select this option to display security information for both the selected objects, and all contents of any directories.


Selected Object(s) and all Directory Contents (recurse subdirectories) - Select this option to display security information for all selected objects, plus all subdirectories, and well as all subdirectories and all files in all directories.


Show Object Owner - If selected, this option adds the object owner to the security information displayed.


Show Object Owners Only - If selected, this option will ONLY show the object owner.  This option will significantly improve performance when only the object owner (or object size) is needed.


View Directories Only - If selected, this option will skip files, and only present the security information on directories.


Only Show Security Information for this User/Group - If only a particular user or group is needed, enter the name of the entire Domain name\User or Domain name\Group Name to view security information on.  Only security for the user/group provided will be displayed.  This option will limit the amount of information presented, but will not improve performance time.


The View NTFS Security option can be used on multiple shares and directories that are selected at the same time from Hyena's list view window.


Creating New Directories


The Create Directory or New command (depending upon the object selected) can be used to create a new directory at the root of a share or under any directory.




The Copy and Move options provide for an alternate method of copying and moving files by simply entering the location to copy/move the files to.  Hyena actually uses Explorer to copy/move the files once the Copy/Move dialog is completed.




Hyena supports renaming of files and directories directly within the tree and list windows, through the Rename option.


Creating New Shares (Share As)


New shares can be easily creating by selecting the Share As option for any selected directory.  Hyena will automatically default the share name and path for shares created this way.




The Edit option, available only for files, will immediately open the selected file into Hyena's configured text editor.  See the Tools->Settings->General topic on how to configure the default text editor.


Open By


Hyena's Open By option, available only for files, will display the users that currently have the selected file open.