Exchange Features


Important Note: Hyena’s Microsoft Exchange integration features are only available in the Enterprise Edition of Hyena. Hyena’s Standard Edition will allow Exchange information to be viewed or modified only for the first 30 days after installation. This allows the functionality of the Exchange features to be fully evaluated before any additional licenses for it are purchased. For more information on the licensing of the Enterprise Edition, see the Licensing topic.


Hyena Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000/2003 integration options can be configured under Tools->Settings->Exchange 5.5 and Tools->Settings->Exchange 2000/2003.  See the Exchange Configuration topic for more information.


Creating Exchange Mailboxes


A mailbox can be created in Hyena at any time by selecting the Exchange Functions->Create Mailbox... option from any user context menu.


Exchange 2000/2003 mailboxes can be created when adding a new user, by using the "Active Directory creation wizard" to create the user.  The wizard will automatically prompt for Exchange mailbox creation information.


If the option to automatically create a mailbox is enabled, Hyena will prompt for the mailbox information automatically when a new user is created.


Deleting Exchange Mailboxes


If the option to delete Exchange mailboxes is enabled, Exchange mailboxes will be deleted when a user is deleted.  Note that confirmation will be required.


A mailbox can also be directly deleted by selecting Delete Mailbox from the Exchange Functions menu for any user object.


Exchange Mailbox Properties


The properties dialog for any Exchange mailbox can be accessed by selecting the Mailbox Properties... option from the Exchange Functions menu for any user. The Exchange Properties button, found on the General User Properties dialog for any user, can also be used to display Exchange information.


Displaying Exchange 2000/2003 Attributes in Queries


To add any Exchange 2000/2003 directory attribute to Hyena's displays:

Displaying Exchange 2000/2003 Public Folders


Hyena can display and show the properties for Exchange 2000x public folder objects.