Hyena's Enterprise object, located at the bottom of the tree window, is designed to offer a completely enterprise-wide view of the network, through several different objects, as detailed below.


All Computers


The purpose of the All Computers object is to allow displaying, and optionally filtering, all of the computers in every domain that has been added into Hyena's tree window.  Double clicking on the All Computers object will display Hyena's View Computers dialog, which provides for domain-wide displaying of all computers that meet certain attributes, such as only domain controllers, print servers, terminal servers, etc.




Hyena provides access to the Windows Networking layer through the Networks object.  When this object is first expanded, the various networking types, for example Netware and Microsoft Windows Network, are displayed.  As each of these layers is expanded, the workgroups and domains in each network are presented, which can be further expanded to reveal individual computers.  Computers, in turn, can be expanded to reveal either resources (shares and printers), or for Windows NT and Windows 2000 computers, the standard computer objects that Hyena supports.


Note: Minimal support for browsing Netware volumes and Windows 95/98/Me file shares is available under the Networks object's tree structure.


Find User/Group


The Find User/Group function is used to display the Windows "Find" dialog for users and groups.  After selecting the user or group, the Properties dialog for the selected object will be displayed.