One of the primary points of management in Hyena is the domain.  Domain objects, represented by the symbol in Hyena's tree view window, each form a top-level object, with the objects within the domain represented in the hierarchical display under the domain.


In the example to the right, the RESOURCE2000 domain has been expanded to show the primary domain objects beneath it.


Hyena will by default always include the user's current domain in the tree display.  Other domains can be added and removed from the display, by either using the File->Add Domain... or File->Manage Object View... menu options. For more information on adding domains in Hyena, including putting them into folders and custom groups for easier management, see the Configuring Multiple Domains topic.


Hyena will automatically expand the current domain when first started. This option can be changed in the Tools->Settings->General dialog.


Hyena will also generate most inquiries, such as generating a user list, from the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) for Windows NT, and the Operations Master for Windows 2000/2003.  However, Hyena can be configured to retrieve most requests for large groups of objects (such as users and groups) from any domain controller for a domain.  To use this feature, set the Source Controller for the domain. See the Setting a Source Controller topic for more information.


Hyena supports both Windows NT and Windows 2000/2003 domains.  Use Object Manager to change the domain type, and configure other Active Directory features.  To find out more about Hyena and Active Directory, start here.


Domain Operations


Properties / View FSMO Roles (Active Directory Only)


For Windows 2000/2003 domains, the Properties option provides support for modification of the domain's directory properties.  The View FSMO Roles option will display the names of the domain controllers holding each Active Directory role.


Audit Policy


The Audit Policy option is used to enable and disable auditing options for the domain, and to set individual auditing settings.  Hyena supports both Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000/2003 audit settings.


Account Policy


The Account Policy option is used to set password options for the entire domain, including minimum password length, minimum and maximum password age, and password history tracking.   Account lockout options are also controlled through the Account Policy.


Viewing Trusts


Hyena's Show Trusts option permits viewing the trusted and trusting domains.  Hyena does not currently support modification of existing trust relationships.


Sending Messages


The Send Message option permits messages to be sent through Window 's alerting function.  All users and computers logged onto a domain will receive the message.




Windows NT or Windows 2000 mixed mode domains - The Synchronize Entire Domain option will perform a full domain synchronization with all domain controllers.  To synchronize only a specific domain controller, perform the Synchronize option on the context menu for that specific domain controller.


Windows 2000/2003 native mode domains -  The Synchronize Entire Domain option will display a dialog prompting for directory synchronization (replication) options.


Set Source Domain Controller


The Set Source Domain Controller option provides for a quick and convenient way to designate an alternate domain controller to be used for some operations.