Disk Space


One of Hyena's most popular and powerful features is its ability to quickly view available and used disk space on all disk drives for one or more computers at the same time.  


To view the disk space for a single computer, simply double click on the Disk Space object.  


To view disk space on more than one computer at the same time, first display the computers in the list window, select as many as desired, and use the Disk Space menu option.


The context menu for disk space entries supports viewing the computer's Shell functions (Windows Explorer) menu.  This menu provides access to exploring the selected computer, and file and directory management functions.


By default, Hyena uses the administrative shares on a computer to get access to the disk space information.  Hyena can be customized to use another share instead.  This would need to be done if the administrative shares were disabled, or if a non-administrative account were used to view the disk space.  To change the share used to collection disk space information, modify the Remote Share Mask under the Tools->Settings->General dialog.


The disk space view can be customized under the Tools->Settings->Display dialog.