Advanced Configuration Settings



These additional advanced settings are controlled through special registry entries under:




If necessary, create the Advanced registry key (folder) manually in Hyena.  The following value names can be created in the Advanced registry key to control specific behavior in Hyena.  


Note: All value names are REG_DWORD and need a value of '1' to enable the option.  Set to either a '0' to disable or delete the entire value.


Note 2: If you are using a shared settings (.INI) file, you can place these settings in an [Advanced] section of the shared settings file.


ShowAllProfileConnectionDrives - Normally, for Windows NT users, Hyena will show drive letters A: through Z: on the user and terminal server profile dialogs.  For Windows 2000/2003, Hyena by default will only use letters C: through Z:.  This is due to Microsoft's standard.  However, if your environment needs to use drives A: or B: for Windows 2000/2003, enable this setting.


UseOuToolbarSettingsInTree - Hyena does not normally use the OU filtering toolbar for any displays in the tree (left) window.  However, if this option is enabled, Hyena will use the OU filtering toolbar settings for both the left (tree) and right results window.  OUs and Containers will always be shown in the tree window, however, regardless of the setting on the filter toolbar settings.


RestoreOuToolbarOnOpen - Hyena always restores the OU filtering toolbar to default settings when Hyena is opened.  To force Hyena to save the settings and restore them to the last settings used, enable this option.


EnableAdFindOK - Use this option to turn ON/Off the option to enable the OK button on the Active Directory 'Find' dialog.  Set this value to a '0' to remove the OK button.  The default setting is a '1' (enable/show OK), even if the value is not present.