Active Directory Reporting


Hyena's built-in Microsoft Access reporting features have been extended to support exporting of any Active Directory information directly into Microsoft Access tables.


When first run, Hyena will check to see if an older copy of the reporting database (HyenaRpt.MDB) exists, and prompt if it should be renamed, then replaced with the newer version.  In order to use the new Active Directory export/reporting options, the newer version of the reporting database must be used.  To use the new reporting options:

To export the information into an existing Access table, enter the table name of the existing table.  To create a new table, enter the name of the new table to create.   Hyena will then export the information displayed into the selected table and display the table.


Hyena's integration with Exporter Pro can also be used to generate (export) output files.  See the Exporting topic for more information on Exporter Pro.