Error 1

We have tried to capture all the errors in our codes and return them on purpose.  Error 1 is either a true script error indicating that perhaps you changed the code and didn’t realize it, or changed it on purpose and made a mistake, OR, you will be able to look at the task(s)’ properties and find where we actually throw an error based on a return.  Most of this is well documented, and should not return an Error 1.  For instance, in the Capture Drivers task, there is the line “if errorlevel 1 exit 253” which indicates that in DS you should see a 253 error, not error 1.

On the other hand, in the same task, there is a “Del %TEMP%\DriverCollect.exe” statement.  If this file were not to be found and tried to execute, this could generate an Error 1.

Remember that a true Error 1 is generally simply a generic Scripting error.