Step 2: Collect Target Analyzer

This product from Microsoft analyzes a system to determine what devices are on the target system, as well as what HAL is required. It produces a file that is parsed by the HIITools utility called “DriversPrep” to collect appropriate drivers for the target system. There are actually 2 versions: TA which runs in DOS and TAP which will run under WinPE if your deployment uses that method. The following is one method to collect these files:

  1. Download Windows XP Embedded SP2 Evaluation Edition.

  2. Install Windows XP Embedded Tools. When you launch the file XPEFFI.EXE, you will be prompted with 4 installation options. Select only the first option as indicated (by default, all will be selected, and you should deselect the other 3)

    If desired, change the Download Location, then click Start Download Now to begin the download.

  3. When complete, after a couple more prompts, the installer for Windows XP Embedded will be launched. You should select only the Tools Setup as indicated:

  4. Follow the prompts as usual to install the tools. When prompted for a license file, you should open a file called “Productkey.txt” from C:\Program Files\Windows Embedded\Installer\DISK1 (unless a different install location was chosen). Manually enter the key shown there.

    1. A Typical Installation using all defaults is sufficient for this purpose.

  5. Once this is complete, you will find the files TA.EXE and TAP.EXE in the following location: C:\Program Files\Windows Embedded\utilities. This will be different if you chose a different source location for the installation of course. Copy only these files to: <DS Install>\HII

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