Generating a registration file

A registration file is generated in one of two ways:

  • By entering the registration information, including a user name, email address, and a serial number in the User Information dialog box during installation
  • By generating a registration file manually after installing the Symantec Ghost Console

The registration file, Ghostreg.dat, is saved in the folder in which Symantec Ghost is installed.

You may need to manually generate a registration file if:

  • You need to register the Console for additional licenses.
  • A serial number was not entered at the time of installation.
  • The registration file was lost.
  • You are experiencing difficulty in getting a validation key using the existing registration file.

If you have generated a registration file and have not yet entered a validation key, you cannot generate a new registration file. If you have a problem with the existing registration file, you must clear the outstanding registration request before generating a new one.

See Clearing an outstanding registration request.

To manually generate a registration file