Running a report

You can run a report to obtain inventory information from the database. You should update the inventory database before running a report to ensure that the report results are up-to-date.

There are two formats for the report results, depending on whether or not a view is included:

You can set the sort order for each column by clicking the column headers.

If the report contains a filter, the table contains the computers that match the filter conditions. If the report does not contain a filter, the table contains all the computers in the target computer group.

For example, you may want to obtain a list of computers that have the prerequisites for a software rollout.

You can print the report results, or export the results to a formatted text file or a comma-separated file. You can also create a new dynamic machine group from the report.

Printing the report results

Exporting the report results to a file

Saving a report as a dynamic machine group

To run a report