About collected data sets

The collected data sets specify the WMI classes that are collected from client computers when you run a refresh inventory task. All instances of the specified classes found on client computers are copied and stored in the inventory database on the Console server. You can query the inventory database to obtain the information you want.

Groups of pre-defined collected data sets that contain commonly used WMI classes are provided. These include the basic Windows classes such as operating system, memory, and hard disk space.

Each WMI class has a number of properties, which represent the information gathered for the class. System properties are not displayed, and you cannot collect them.

If you need more information on these classes, or on WMI classes in general, refer to the documentation supplied by Microsoft.

You can add additional collected data sets to collect the information you require from the client computers. There is no restriction on the WMI classes you can use: they may be additional Microsoft WMI classes, or third-party vendor classes.