Specifying the registry entries to capture

You can move registry entries if required. For example, if you want to move a user's personal settings for an application installed on the computer, you need to capture the appropriate registry entries.

You specify the registry entries that you want to capture with a data template by setting up the template rules. A rule is a logical statement that identifies a particular group of registry entries. Each rule contains the registry path and the corresponding Include or Exclude setting.

Before you create rules to move registry entries, you need to determine whether or not the registry entries require relative paths. You need to use relative paths in the following situations:

To do this, you need to enable relative paths, and use HKEY_CURRENT_USER as the source path and $UserHive$ as the target path.

The alternative is to define a rule for each registry entry.

You can add new rules or modify existing rules at any time.

To specify the registry entries to capture