Move the User variables

You can use variables as building blocks within a directory path.

The variables in Table 6-2 represent folder locations and other values that are determined by the operating system.

Table 6-2 Variables determined by the operating system
Directory path that is assigned
Current user's My Documents folder
C:\Documents and Settings\ <user profile>\ My Documents
Windows Program Files directory
Usually C:\Program Files
Registry path of current user's hive
Current user's profile directory
C:\Documents and Settings\ <logged on user>
This is valid in Windows NT/2000/XP only
Directory containing Windows
C:\WINNT for Windows 2000
Windows System directory
C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 for Windows 2000
Windows Temp directory
C:\Documents and Settings\ <logged on user>\ Local Settings\ Temp
Name of the computer
This is restored to the path
C:\Documents and Settings\ <user profile>\ $MyDocuments$\ $MachineName$
User's name
Drive containing Windows
This is just the drive letter, and does not include the colon