Introducing incremental backups and backup regimes

Incremental backups ensure that personal or company information that is stored on client computers is retrievable. The Symantec Ghost Console lets you schedule incremental backups, create them manually, and roll them back as required.

You can schedule incremental backups, or you can create them manually. The backup regime contains a number of settings that determine how and when a backup is completed. This allows for the regular scheduling of a backup.

The first backup of a client computer is stored as the baseline image. Each subsequent backup is an incremental image; only the changes made since the last backup are stored. However, if the changes made are too great to be stored as an incremental image, a new baseline image is created and stored, replacing the previous baseline. Full baseline images are created automatically when fundamental changes to the operating system are made, for example, installing service packs, Microsoft applications, drivers, or making changes to operating system protected files. Create a new baseline image after every five incremental images. You can specify a maximum time between baseline images.