About image definitions

Image definitions contain details of image files created by Symantec Ghost. Each image definition is a pointer to an image file stored on the Symantec Ghost Console server or on a client machine. The image definition lets you access and manage the image file via the Symantec Ghost Console and use it in a clone task.

You need to provide an image definition for each image create task. You can do this before creating the task, by creating an image definition with no associated image file, or as part of the task creation process. The image create task creates a new image file, and stores it as specified in the image definition.

You can also create new image definitions for existing image files. For example, you may have some image files that were created elsewhere and manually loaded on to the Symantec Ghost Console server. To add these image files to the Console resources, and make them available for use in restore tasks, you must create image definitions for them.

When an image definition is associated with an image file, it contains the following information:

When an image definition does not have an image file associated with it, or the image file is stored on a client computer, it contains only the name and location of the image file. This is the location to which the image file is saved when the image definition is used in an image create task.