Applying Novell NetWare client configuration details

You can specify the default Novell NetWare logon information to apply to target computers.

You can set the client computer's default Novell NetWare logon information. Novell NetWare client information can only be applied to client computers that are running the Novell NetWare client.

Table 2-7 shows the versions of Novell NetWare clients supported by Symantec Ghost.

Table 2-7 Supported versions of Novell NetWare clients
Client OS
Novell NetWare version
Windows 9x
Novell NetWare clients version 3.2 and later.
Windows NT/2000/XP
Novell NetWare clients version 4.7 and later.

Note: There must be a successful logon to a Novell server from the client or from the model computer before you can apply the configuration details.

The Novell client must be installed before the Ghost client is installed.

When executing tasks on a Windows 2000/NT client computer, the client will be unable to reboot if it is in the Novell NetWare logon window. It must be logged on or in the Windows Ctrl+Alt+Del logon window.

To specify Novell NetWare client information