Setting up computer groups

Grouping computers lets you distinguish among computers with different user requirements. For example, you could create a group of Console client computers for students and a group for teachers. You could then run a task to restore the appropriate image file onto the student computers, and then run another task to restore another image file onto the teacher computers.

Computer group information is stored in folders under the top-level Machine Groups folder in the Symantec Ghost Console. You can have a hierarchy of subgroups under the main groups so that a subgroup can be selected for a task, or you can apply a task to a main group that includes the subgroups.

For example, you might have an Administration folder, and beneath that, an HR folder and a Payroll folder. A computer can be added to any one of these three groups. A task can be applied to either the HR group or the Payroll group. To execute the task for both HR and Payroll, select the Administration folder. The task executes for both the HR group and the Payroll group as well as any computers that are grouped in the Administration folder.


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