Deleting Symantec Ghost Console resources

You can delete any folders or Symantec Ghost Console resources that you are no longer using. When you delete a folder, everything inside that folder is also deleted.

You cannot delete anything that is being used by another Symantec Ghost Console resource. For example, you cannot delete a data template that is being used by a user profile, or a computer group that is being used by a task.

If the Symantec Ghost Console resource is a pointer to an external object, such as a client computer or an image file, deleting it simply removes it from the Symantec Ghost Console. The external object is not affected. There is one exception to this rule: when you delete a user package, the external user package file is also deleted.

Client computers are different from other Console resources. When you delete a client computer from the Console, its backup regime is deleted automatically. However, if the computer is still running the Console Client software and is still on the network, the Console detects it and automatically restores it to the Default computer group folder.

Note: When you delete Symantec Ghost Console resources, you cannot restore them again.

To delete Symantec Ghost Console resources