Properties for Inventory Filter

Lets you set up the filter by adding, linking and grouping filter conditions.

Filter Name
The name of the inventory filter.
The list of filter conditions. You can add, modify or delete conditions, and can group them as required.
Opens the Filter Condition window, which lets you add a new filter condition.
Groups the selected conditions. This grouping overrides the Or/And linking between conditions, and lets you create nested conditions.
Ungroups the selected group. If two or more groups are selected, the outermost nested group is ungrouped.
Group on Instance
Groups the selected conditions on the same instance. All conditions in the group must be met for the same WMI class instance. This helps you filter on items that have two or more instances on a computer.
Specifies whether the result is all the computers that match the filter conditions, or the inverse (all the machines that do not match the filter conditions).