Client computer Properties window: Client tab

Lets you edit the client and network properties for a client computer.

Heartbeat interval
Specifies the rate at which status reports are sent from the client computer to the Console server.
Network settings when using Virtual Partition
  • Use Suggested Template: Lets you view the template suggested by the Symantec Ghost Console as it connects to the client. If there are no suggested templates, then you must select a template manually.
  • Use Manually Selected Template: Lets you select a template from all the templates that are included with the Ghost Boot Wizard.
Virtual Partition DOS version
Lets you select a version of DOS to install when the virtual partition is created on the client computer:
  • Default: Sets the DOS version to the default version (as set in the Console).
  • MS-DOS: Sets the DOS version to MS-DOS.

This option can be selected only if MS-DOS is installed on the Console server.

  • PC-DOS: Sets the DOS version to PC-DOS.