Domain Administration dialog box

Displays the domains supported in the Configuration Server.

The Configuration Server is responsible for task execution and client communication. One of its roles is to create and remove computer accounts in Windows domains if computers are added to domains during the execution of a task. The Configuration Server is also required when you are changing a computer name or taking an image of a computer that belongs to a domain. To perform this role, a user account must be created on the domain.

The user name and password are set for the Console Service Account during installation. The default user name is Ghost_computername, and the default password is Ghost_computername. The Configuration Server logs on as this user. The user does not have interactive logon rights, is not a member of any groups, and only has the privilege to manage computer accounts.

When a Configuration Server account is created on the domain, the domain is now supported for Configuration Server operations.

Supported Domains
A list of domains supported by the Console.
Opens the Add domain dialog box.
Opens the Change Console Service Account Name.