Properties for Image Create Task: Sysprep

The Sysprep tab lets you specify Sysprep settings for an image create task. Microsoft Sysprep lets you prepare Windows 2000/XP/Me computers for cloning, and customizes the configuration settings.

Run Microsoft Sysprep on this machine before creating the image
Sets the option for Sysprep to be executed before the image file is created.
Sysprep Configuration
Lets you select a Sysprep configuration to use in the task.
Select a Sysprep configuration for Windows 2000/XP.
Tell Sysprep to perform a SID change when restoring this image to a destination machine
Sets the option for Sysprep to change the Security Identifier (SID) on a client computer when cloned with the image file created from this task.
If this option is selected, do not use Ghost Walker to perform a SID change when loading an image onto client computers.
Run the MiniSetup Wizard which processes the sysprep.inf file
This option should be set if you are cloning a computer installed with Microsoft Windows XP Professional. If this option is not selected, then the Windows Welcome screen appears when the computer is next started.
Extra Sysprep Command Line Arguments
Lets you enter Sysprep switches to execute commands that are not automatically generated by Symantec Ghost.
Edit Sysprep.inf
Opens Sysprep.inf so that you can edit and save this file.
You can configure Sysprep.inf to let Sysprep set up the client computers without user interaction.
Sysprep Configurations
Opens the Sysprep Configuration dialog box to create a Sysprep configuration.

For more information on Sysprep, see the Symantec Ghost Reference Guide.