TCP/IP Settings

Specifies an IP address for the client computer. IP addresses can be automatically generated or individually specified.

Target machine uses DHCP server to obtain IP address
Specifies that the IP address is automatically allocated by the DHCP server.
Target machine has Static address
Specifies that the IP address is one of the following:
  • Set in the range in the From/To fields
  • Set as the existing computer static IP address
Apply IP Address
Specifies one of the following:
  • A range of addresses for template settings
  • A single address for non-template settings
Subnet mask
Lets you specify a subnet mask

Note: When performing both a clone and a post-clone configuration, the DHCP/Static IP state of the image must be the same in the configuration. If performing a configuration with no clone step, the DHCP/Static IP setting must match what is currently on the computer being reconfigured.