Properties for Task: Move the User: Restore tab

Specifies the settings applied when a Move the User: Restore task is executed.

User Package Location
Specifies where the user package is located:
  • On the Symantec Ghost Console server
  • On the client computer
User Package Naming
Specifies the name of the user package from which the data is restored:
  • Automatically using the Machine Name: Restores the package most recently taken from a computer with the matching computer name.
  • As Specified in the Move the User: Create step: Restores a package that is captured in the same task.
  • Specified: Use the specified package.

If the user package is stored on the Console server, this options is available only if you are restoring data to a single computer.

If the user package is stored on the client computers, the package is restored to each computer in the target group.

Overwrite existing files on target machine
To overwrite any matching files on the target computer.