Properties for Task: Move the User: Create tab

Specifies the settings applied when a Move the User: Create task is executed.

User Package Location
Specifies where the package is to be saved:
  • On the Symantec Ghost Console server
  • On the client computer
User Package Naming
Specifies a name for the user package generated by the MTU Create task:
  • Automatically using the Machine Name: Uses the computer name with the date and time the task is run.
  • Specified: Uses the name specified.

If the user package is being saved on the Console server, this options is available only if you are capturing data from a single computer.

If the user package is being saved on the client computers, the package is saved with the same name on each computer.

User Profile
Lets you select the user profile that you want to use for the capture.
Abort on warning
Stops the task on a client computer if the user data is not captured successfully.