Loading an image to computers using command-line options

To restore an image onto client computers using the GhostCast Server

Create a GhostCast session to restore an image from the GhostCast Server.
Click More Options.
In the Disk No. box, type the disk number.
In the Partition No. box, type the partition number, if required.
In the Command line box, type the client clone command.

Add other switches to the command line to execute specific commands on the client computer.

For example, if the initial command is:


Add the following switches to avoid prompts and restart the client computer after the image has restored:

-clone,mode=prestore,dst=1.1,dst=@mcSessionNm -sure -rb

Only use the -sure switch when you are sure that you are writing to the intended disk or partition.

Click Accept Clients to accept the client computer into the session.
Start the client computers in DOS.
Run Ghost.exe using the -ja switch to log on to the GhostCast session from the command line:

ghost.exe -ja=SessionNm

Confirm your choices on the client computers if the -sure switch was not used.

Running Ghost.exe on a client computer