Files included on a Ghost boot disk or image

The following files are required to run Ghost.exe and are included in a boot disk or image. This includes the following:

  • Ghost.exe

The Ghost executable that is run from DOS.

  • DOS system files

PC-DOS is supplied for the purpose of creating Ghost boot disks. The DOS files are installed automatically when you create the boot disk in Ghost Boot Wizard.

  • Any files and drivers required to access the selected hardware

This includes CD-R/RW drivers, network protocol files, or network interface card drivers, or any other files for external storage access.

Note: In previous versions of Symantec Ghost, MSCDEX was required to read an image from a CD. If you created the CD using Symantec Ghost this is no longer necessary in Symantec Ghost 8.0. If you created the CD with a utility other than Symantec Ghost then MSCDEX is still required on the boot disk or in the boot image.